Rabbits, often referred to as the Rabbit tribe, are a humanoid species who dwelled on the moon until the Foxes arrived and began feasting on their livers. The Rabbits fled to Earth, many of them forgetting their identity. They are called Earth Rabbits. The few who didn't forget are called Moon Rabbits.

Moon RabbitsEdit

Moon Rabbits are the few Rabbits who did not forget their identity. Most of them live at JungHyun Mountain, the safest place for Moon Rabbits. When they are in JungHyun Mountain, their eyes glow red and their rabbit ears grow. Some of them train to become a member of the Soon-La Army. Some of the known Moon Rabbits are:

Earth RabbitsEdit

Earth Rabbits forgot their identity while fleeing the moon. They live their lives thinking they're human. The only evidence that proves they're a Rabbit is the crimson glow of their eyes at night.

List of known Earth Rabbits:

White RabbitEdit

The White Rabbit is a special type of Rabbit. Its liver is the key to Immortality. All who feast upon the White Rabbit shall be granted eternal life. The only  known White Rabbit is The Moon Rabbit King.

Black RabbitEdit

The Black Rabbit is also a special Rabbit. However, unlike the White Rabbit, the liver of the Black Rabbit is a deadly poison who will kill anyone who devours it. Even those who have immortality. The only known Black Rabbit is Yu-Da Lee