Hang-Ah is the "queen" of the foxes and is what foxes are trying to give the Black Rabbit's blood and liver to.


Hang-Ah has black hair. Most of it is shoulder length that curls up. Stemming from it is a long waist length hair that is tied up. On her front side her bangs form into a circle-ish shape and she has a little bit longer shoulder-length hair.

Plot SummaryEdit

Hang-Ah is originally introduced has the fox queen that wished to have eternal beauty and immortality, but the potion she had drank was a fake and is seeking the rule one. However, in reality, she was a very cheeful girl. She was invited to Ha-Eun's palace (when he was still king) where she drank a liquid that allowed her to float and stay on the moon, bring along with her her four small fox-like companions. There she meets Jin-Ha Joo (Myung-Ee's past life) and befriends her. She is viewed by the king as a person that will brighten the moon and drag him out of the hell that he lives in. However, when she is told she had become immortal and was to stay with the king, she breaks down and goes into a depression-like state. To make things worse, Jin-Ha had to bring the livers of her foxes that had gone mad. During her depression, she constantly thinks about her four beloved foxes. When two return, she quickly rejoiced them only to turn into a border-line insanity state where she help the foxes attack the rabbit people. Jin-Ha is forced to seal her onto the Moon, where she will have to spill blood for eternity (for she is immortal). She shows that she had never wanted to be immortal, and only wants to go back home with her foxes. If not, she wanted death.